Tuesday, October 06, 2009

HAMBURGERS! - October '09 Japan Blog Matsuri Announcement

This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri is:


Some hamburger related magazines, free papers, and fliers I've collected.

Besides finding sento my other big hobby is finding new hamburger shops. On any given weekend my wife, her two sisters, and our 2 year old nephew will pile into the car and drive halfway across town to get a good hamburger. I’ve had some great ones, and I’ve been let down more than once. Awajishima Burger reigns supreme while Sasebo burgers are over rated. Maybe you disagree. I want to see that post. Anyhow, I’m sure there are a lot of you who also have a favorite hamburger or hamburger related story they can share. The Mr. James--the fake gaijin--is out there promoting the McDonald’s so I think its time for some real people who actually live out here show what a real Japanese hamburger looks like.

Posts can be submitted in one of three categories.

1- Reviews of a hamburger shop. You can love it or hate it. Look for a great classic burger or find one of the more unique creations. No matter what I said about Mr. James, reviewing a burger at one of the big hamburger chains would be fine too. If you do this please put a section at the bottom of your post with the address, the shop’s hours and holidays. I’m going to set up a special Google map with all the submissions. Also please include at least 2 photos, one of the shop and one of the hamburger. I expect most of the posts would fit under this category. I have two examples from my blog.

Shin’s Burger


2- A hamburger related story that has to do with your experience in Japan. For example, a post about the history of Sasebo, or learning how to order at a Mos Burger would fit into this category. A photo would be nice, if possible.

3- A post about a something which is not an actual hamburger but hamburger related. I can think of some candies and other treats that would go in here. Please include a photo.

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 4

The Japan Blog Matsuri was first created by Ken Y-N and it has been picked up by the folks at japansoc.com. Every month the bloggers of japansoc.com come together to contribute a post on a common topic. I’d like to thank Andrew at ALTDirectory.net for hosting last month’s Matsuri on learning in Japan. More information about the Japan Blog Matsuri, more links to past editions, and how you could also be a host can be found at this FAQ.

Posts can be submitted directly by email [insert the name of this blog here]@gmail.com or via the blog widget found to the left of this post. The deadline is 25th of October, 2009 so start munching on some hamburgers people!


McAlpine said...

Hamburgers... Hyogo is famous for beef, so I guess you could've written something up on burgers made with Hyogo beef.

David said...

Hyogo beef... boo boo


Mike said...

Looks like a good topic! Keep poking and reminding us all about it - I found I really had to push people to get entries out of them ;)

reesan said...

hi sleepytako, here is my submission for this month's japan blog matsuri!


darg said...

Hey, so do we just post our links here? Anyway, here's mine:


David said...

That would be great Darg!

Thanks for the submission.

James said...

Hey Sleepytako, i've submitted using the thingy on the left, but here it is again just in case:


DrSenbei said...

Everyone else seems to have posted their submissions here, so here's ours as well:


Thanks, and enjoy!