Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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Pork and kimche okonomiyaki at Tonbo, the best okonomiyaki shop in Japan.


New Japanese Landscape?

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Toys R Us with a rice field and some railroad tracks. New Japan?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

篠山 / Sasayama

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Yuko and I drove out to Sasayama last week and walked around the castle at sunset. It was super pretty, and the air smelt so clean and fresh.


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Monday, October 09, 2006

写真いっぱい / Many photos

IMG 9134
Last Wednesday I walked from Sannomiya to the HAT area of Kobe where the Nagisa no yu onsen is. Great onsen. Interesting walk.
Click HERE for the 神戸(三宮) set.

IMG 9126
Harvesting rice behind my apartment. If there’s some free land someplace there’s someone to grow rice on it.

IMG 9127
The bike parking lot under the train station. It cost 100円 to park there for a day, but for the peace of mind, it’s well worth it.

僕の名前の漢字 / My name in kanji

It’s a little joke, however what do you think about it?
出井火土 場雨和
デイビヂ バウワ
Deibido Bauwa

For my English speaking audience...
Here are the kanji in order they are written with one of their meanings that seemed to fit together.

Exit well fire earth Place rain peace

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Free stuff and plastic... the wonders of Japan

Photo 36
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Two things I love about Japan. Cool crap from the 100¥ store and free crap.

The drink-er beer-holder stores 4 cans nicely in my small little refrigerator. And the best part of it is it only cost 100¥ (about $0.84). I can't believe that I almost didn't buy it. That little hunk of plastic has done wonders for the organization of my fridge.

The glass in my right hand came with a 3 pack of Guinness. Not only does it make a great beer glass it is a great size for everything else.

Ah... Japan when will your glories ever fail to amaze me.