Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Front of Shibushi Station, Kagoshima

The things you find in front of train statations. I went to this town for two reasons. First, I wanted to ride the length of the train line it's on. Yes, I'm that obcessive about train riding. Second, the city's name is Shibushi which written in Japanese is 志布志 and that's got to be silliest looking bunch of kanji grouped together out there until you see the address of the train station:
Just look at that glory. I so want to live at that address.

08.07 ShibushiEkiMae1
Until I read this map, I didn't realize that Shibushi is a port town. Welcome to Shibushi, don't go past this sign unless you have the right documents. Remember to Keep A Rule! Right past this sign is a street full of snacks which are bars with girls that are there for you to talk to and maybe other things--if you have the right papers. The papers you need to booze!

08.07 ShibushiEkiMae2
The area in front of Shibushi station also had this great globe. What is not to love about this thing. The grossly enlarged shape of Kyushu, the super fancy speed boat speeding away from Shibushi harbor, how Australia is symbolized with a kangaroo and a koala bear, how rusted the entire thing is. Yes, rust and geography, my favorite things together on a big metal ball in a beautiful middle of nowhere in eastern Kagoshima prefecture, Shibushi city.


Joshua Zimmerman said...

I always love how signs in Japan feature whales and dolphins in areas where there are none/ were all eaten.

David said...

I don't think southern Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefectures are places known for their whaling, although I'm pretty sure whales and dolphins do exist in the area. I also don't know of any place in Japan that have killed an entire population of whales of dolphins as you say "were all eaten." Even the area around Taiji has a big population despite the whaling.

Also, following your logic there shouldn't be signs with buffalo/bison in the us, or on the seal of the Department of the Interior.

Dolphins are cute, people around the world use their imagery. I don't see any problem with it.