Monday, October 26, 2009

HAMBURGERS! - Japan Blog Matsuri Oct '09

This month the Japan Blog Matsuri takes on the pressing (HA! get it!) topic of HAMBURGERS!

It might not seem a truly Japanese topic, but the Japanese do create a great hamburger. In a way it's the oppisite of sushi. In Japan most American style sushi with cheese and avocado seems gross or strange, but, as many of us know, it's great! Well same thing for hamburgers. While they came from America the Japanese have put their own unique twist on the hamburger.

I hope you enjoy these stories documenting the hamburger is part of the Japanese landscape, and one that plays an important role in many a gaijin's life. So with out any more blathering here are the posts!
  • [freshnessveggieburger.jpg] Andera at Japan Please tells us about her unfulfilled quest for vegetarian friendly avocado goodness at Freshness Burger.
    *David says: I've had the same problems trying to order this thing.*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Lee at loneleeplanet gets yummy, political, or both showing of a fried whale burger served up in Hokkaido.
    *David says: If it's anything like the fried whale meat we get in our school lunch--I'm getting one of these.*
    (photo from Wikimedia)

  • Dave at In Praise of Izakaya reviews GIGGLE a beer and burger place up in Kanto.
    *David says: Looking at that monster burger I'd say "BURP" would be a better name for this place!*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Harvey at Japan Newbie shows us a Chinese "burger" served up fresh in Kobe's Chinatown
    *David says: Had this one many times. Quite yummy!*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Joe at <3yen just discovered the glory of the Japanese burger and wrote up a special "To-Eat List."
    *David says: Trust me Joe. I'm here for the sushi, nabe, udon... and all that too!*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Elizabeth at Chibaraki Life reviews a cafe in Kashiwa, Chiba that looks like B-52's would eat there.
    *David says: Ohhh... waffle fries!*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Darg at The Durgacile finds a great burger at The Great Burger!
    *David says: Ha! "meaty solace" indeed!*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • James at James' Blog praises Freshness Burger not only for it's great burgers, but also nice flooring and furniture.
    *David says: Look me up when you come down to Kansai!*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • GoddessCarlie of her blog eponymous blog doesn't come up with a burger so much, but does notice some western food failure at KIX.
    *David says: Thankfully the airport itself isn't pungent.*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Dr. Senbei of Tokyo Scum Brigade combines some Halloween fright + burgers + 2chan and tells a tale of... well let's just leave it at that.
    *David says: The only burger on this list I wouldn't/couldn't eat. I'm married.*
    (photo by the post's author)

  • Lastly, I posted on my blog sleepytako a bit about adopted home city of Nishinomiya and it's great hamburgers.
    *David says: Hmmm, hamburgers...*
    (photo by the post's author)
Thanks to all of you for submitting stories and thanks to Nick and JapanSoc for running the Matsuri. I hope you all keep your ears open for the next Maturi announcement which will take place over at Instant Ramen.


reesan said...

nice work sleepytako. thanks for hosting!

Jon Allen said...

I think CheapyD should get a special mention too, (
even though he didn't enter )
for eating the Whopper 7

Michael said...

Great post David! Sorry I couldn't get around to writing a good hamburger post, but you got a lot of great entries :) I especially liked the 'David says' comments!

Jamie said...

Amazing, you got more entries than a matsuri on how to be frugal! I think this pretty much demonstrates the trouble the world is in (either that, or how lame I am at promoting a matsuri). Good job!

David said...

I was hoping that Whopper post would have been submitted. Sadly he didn't, and I was too busy this week to ask him to.

I wish I had gotten more, but I'm very happy with the outcome. This blog is just something I do for myself mostly and I'm glad I got some people to check it out.

So many people in comments to other posts about burgers recommend a lot of places. I was hoping to build a little list of all the great local burger shops in Japan for the gaijin who don't want to/can't read the Japanese information on it. Maybe in the future.

Irv said...

In Chicago, we have seen the most magnificent hamburger of them all.,megabites-wiener-triple-undisputed-102909-s1.article

Anonymous said...

Hairy Butt a very odd burger indeed.