Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day of great food!

A old teacher from my school is in town so we went to a buffet then sang some karaoke. So I thought I'd show you all what a Japanese organic/natural food buffet menu looks like.
It was super super good...

Dinner was great but so was lunch. I ate this
<span class=DSC00250" height="180" width="240">
Pork katsu served at a restaurant attached to a sake brewer's museum. Super good sake too.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Collect These...

IMG 0221
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...and win beer!

Most drink companies have these sticker/postcard based campaigns for winning free beer, electronics, travel, toys... I always thought that no matter how many I sent in I'd never win anything, But last Friday night I found a notice from the delivery guy, I had a package. So on Saturday I called the driver and had him deliver it to my job. I won two bottles of special Kirin beer. It seems a bit more foamy and sour than typical Kirin, more Belgium-beer-like. I like it. Not to mention it was FREE!

IMG 0220

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Golfin' and Bathin'

IMG 0193
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Last Sunday the weather was great and I made my way out to Arimafuji Onsen about 20-30 min or so by bus from my house. Arimafuji Onsen is quite unique as it’s a combination supersento and golf practice range--one of the two story wacky Japanese kind. While I haven’t played golf for years, I decided to check it out. As a teenager my father got me into golf, which I enjoyed, but I hated the rampant racism, misogyny, and typical upper middle class mindset exposed by the players--including my father. So, I soon left the sport go when I graduated college. That said, I had a great time whacking balls with a rented 3 iron. Funny thing however, to get my balls I had to by a card from a ticket machine in the lobby, but to rent my club I had to pay the lady at the counter. After getting my gear I walked to my spot, second story at the far end. I don’t know wether the lady placed me there because I’m a gaijin or because I’m left handed... Either way, I liked spot. The first few balls totally sucked, but near the end of the bucket I got my groove back on. I even sliced two over the fence! HAHA! Oh yea, the onsen attached, while small, had a great outdoor bath that on that cool sunlit late winter afternoon really felt great!

IMG 0188
Arimafuji Onsen Hanayama no yu
有馬富士温泉 花山乃湯

IMG 0189

IMG 0191
I hit two over that left fence.

IMG 0194
The ball vending machine

IMG 0192

Monday, March 05, 2007

Emergency Exit Shadows

IMG 0204
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非常口 means emergency exit in Japanese, so if you ever need to escape, that's the place.

Taken on the 神姫バス (Shinki Bus) in 三田 (Sanda).