Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shin's Burger - Kobe

Shin's Burger is located up the hill from Oji Koen Station on the Hankyu Kobe line. Of the specialty burger shops I've been to here in Kansai, Shin's is the most family and kid friendly. The hamburger here is good for it's simplicity. It's the kind of burger you'd get at a BBQ for the local High School football team, but a really, really good one. Other places push the flavor to 11 to make the burger an in-your-face nearly brutal eating experience. Shin's is nice and simple and just as good as the other places for it. I love the decor, the white on red reminds me of something you'd find in the Midwest or rural Washington state. Sadly, Shin's does not have french fries, but they have a BBQ chili with beans that they serve over cubed potato. It's not spicy so my 2 year old nephew and my wife can eat it--and she can't eat anything remotely spicy. In a way I wish Shin's would have the super spicy chili and enormous mega burgers, but then there's a lot of places doing that. Shin's has it's own take on the specialty burger shop: one that combines friendly service with a simple, but on the spot flavor set in a little bit of Americana with out being over the top.

Sorry, forgot to take some photos.

Shin's homepage:

Myself, Yuko and my nephew featured on Shin's blog:


Access By Train:
Hankyu Oji Koen Station - 10~15 minutes (I'm guessing.)

There isn't any good parking in the area except a small 4 spot coin parking lot about a 5 minute walk from the shop. It is marked on the map.

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Molly said...

What does the feature say about ya'll?

David said...

In the afternoon

a pleasant group came to the store

Everyone's idol (the boy) and Mr. D's group was so cute that I took a photo.

Next month is our one year anniversary so please come back.

angryparsnip said...

OMG ! that is the cutest blog I have ever seen and a greet picture too !
I love that your Mr.D.