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Sasebo Burger Plus Cafe "Ata-go" - Kansai Restaurant Review

06.20 Ata-Go-1
The Spicy Burger at Sasebo Burger Plus Cafe "Ata-go"

A decent burger in a stylish shop, but a bit of a let down.

It's always nice to know where you can get a good, fresh hamburger. It might not be your favorite place, but it would be better than hitting up the fast food joints. Ata-go is this kind of place. Sadly, I've been unimpressed by the various Sasebo style burger shops that I've been to. Named after a town in Nagaski Pref. that has become Japan’s Mecca for hamburger shops, the Sasebo Burger puts an emphasis on the size and messiness of the burger. (Sight Sasebo has a list of all the shops and pictures of their burgers in Japanese.)

06.20 Ata-Go-2
Ata-go in Namba, Osaka

Ata-go has big, messy Sasebo style burgers served in plastic bags for cleanliness. The bun is soft on the inside and has a great toasty crunch on the ends, and they even brand the top of the bun with the shops logo. But it’s what’s between the buns where the burger fails. I felt that the patty let the entire burger down. The meat flavor didn’t come through. I had the spicy burger and the sauce was spicy, but I can’t say much more about it. The french fries seemed uninspired when compared to other shops. Ata-go does offer many good drink options with a full cocktail menu and Mino beer--a local microbrew. The shop is small with seating for about 10 inside, but it has some outdoor seating under the Nankai tracks which is surprisingly cool and comfortable. It would be a good place to sit outside for a few after work drinks. Everything has a Native American theme and the music is a mix of country and Native American chants.

Overall, It’s a good hamburger, in a nice shop, and you’re getting a good burger for the price you pay, but I wouldn’t be going out of my way to have this one.

You’ll be spending around ¥1,500 for a burger, side and a drink. Put a bit more on there if you get a beer or cocktail. My spicy burger beer set with a side of fries was ¥1,600.


Hours: 11:30-22:00 (Mondays 11:30-14:00)


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angryparsnip said...

It looks good ! but what is between the lettuce and bun? onion ??? looks like a round cracker...