Thursday, October 08, 2009

Typhoon #18 - Photos from the Japanese Press

台風の夜明け Typhoon dawn, originally uploaded by kamoda in Eastern Hiroshima.

If you weren't aware a typhoon is hitting Japan now. It's the first to make landfall in 5 years. The typhoon has yet to pass over me completely as I write this. Wait never mind, they just canceled the weather alert (警報) a second ago. That means I'll have to stay at work today and classes will start in the afternoon. Bummer.

Riding my scooter up the hill to my school this morning the streets were empty and covered with leaves and branches. Near the school the fire department was dealing with a fallen tree that had knocked over a fence. The storm itself wasn't too strong in my neighborhood, I was wishing for something more substantial.

Here are some photos posted by the Japanese media.

A photo gallery from Mainichi Daily News

This one has many photos from Kagoshima and the southern areas of Japan.

A taxi getting stuck in a flooded road from the Asahi Shimbun.

High oceans and strong waves hitting the coast in Wakayama (In Kansai) and Miyazaki (in Kyushu)

A photo gallery from the Asahi Shimbun.

A photo gallery from Yomiuri Online.

More photos of the aftermath from Yomiuri Online.

A photo gallery from Kobe Shimbun.

Flickr user vitroid stitched together this panorama of Nagoya port using a remote access webcam just prior to the storm hitting.

Nagoya port before storm, originally uploaded by vitroid.


sixmats said...

I'm too protective of my camera to go out with it, but I wish I weren't. Sendai is about to get nailed and I think that there are some interesting shots around town.

David said...

Haha! Totally riding my bike up to school I totally forgot to bring mine for some "trees have fallen" shots.

angryparsnip said...

The cars getting stuck in the flooded streets is so Tucson...

The first photo is FABULOUS ! great storm clouds...

So you just had a bad rain storm?

Your never without your camera !

Pat said...

Hi your Mum sent me. Stay safe.