Monday, February 26, 2007

Baby Gloomy!

Photo 60
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Finally won something big from a UFO catcher!

Onsen! Onsen! Onsen!

Sorry, I haven’t been posting very often recently because I’ve been working on a new website/blog about Japanese hotsprings and bathhouses (onsen and sento). During my 1 and a half years here in Japan I’ve been to 55 or so different onsen, mostly here in the Kansai area. Recently I’ve been taking my camera to get a collection of outside photos and collecting addresses for my listing and reviews. Plus I’m writing up sections on the do’s and don’ts, how-to’s, and other advice. Hopefully I’ll have it online sometime soon. Here’s some photos a few of the onsen I’ve recently been to and a link to my Onsen set on flickr.

IMG 9839
Yuyurando Kinokuni

IMG 9702

IMG 9785
Futaba Onsen

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Trash ゴミ

My second theme to take photos on will be trash.
Here's some interesting trash I found on a bike ride the other day. Appears to be a VCR and some sort of laser gun.

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Slide and Stair

Digital photography has made my photos too erratic. It's time to start working on a theme. Following what I use to do in the desert I've decided to focus on Japan's rusted infrastructure. Here are two recent photos from the Koyoen area of Nishinomiya.

IMG 9773

IMG 9770

Thursday, February 01, 2007