Thursday, June 18, 2009

06.10 Kobe-Maruyama 3 - Housing

06.10Kobe-Maruyama 3, originally uploaded by sleepytako.

Typical single family houses perched on hillsides near Maruyama station in Nagata-ku above Kobe's old downtown. A pedestrian San Francisco. There is access by car, but it's through many tight, steep single lane streets. Bicycles, nearly ubiquitous in the Japanese landscape, are rare here. Also notice the prevalence of TV antennas. I've noticed that, even if they subscribe to cable TV service, Japanese households will still use over-the-air signals to receive their basic channels.


angryparsnip said...

Very tight with stairs on both sides of your home. . . .
Too many stairs for me !

Tornadoes28 said...

Interesting about the tv attenas. Yeah, a lot of stairs.