Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kazanin 花山院

06.25 Kazanin 1
The entrance to Kazanin

Kazanin is one of the 3 bangai, or extra temples on the Western Japan 33 temple route, and the last on my Mother-in-law's trip. So now that she's finished with her pilgrimage I guess it's time for Yuko and me start.

06.25 Kazanin 3
The main building

Kazanin is up a steep mountain road in Sanda, Hyogo. Very close to a onsen I've recommended before on Kansai Onsen Review. The name which would normally be read "hanayama" is pronounced "kazan" in this case. It's the same as the Japanese word for volcano.

06.25 Kazanin 2
One of the seven statues

The most interesting thing for me was the seven statues that are in the garden. Each statue stands for a different virtue, or something you are asking for. What you do is approach the statue and touch their hands and pray in front of them. The statues' hands have all become smooth and yellow over the years of people touching them.

This site, in Japanese, has more pictures and a map.


Tornadoes28 said...

Good luck on your pilgrimage.

ted said...

I started my own pilgrimage at this temple, since it made for convenient hitching. I didn't realize at the time that it was bangai, but it seems fitting somehow.

McAlpine said...

Nice pics. I like how you added onsen info. as well.

David said...

I went to the onsen many times before knowing about the temple! My priorities are set.