Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kansai Hamburger Festival - One Day Left!!!

There’s been a hamburger boom going on recently here in Kansai. Two weeks ago a local program did a feature on local hamburger shops, including my favorite Awajishima Burger in Nishinoimya. Now, over this long 5 day weekend weekend on Rokko Island in Kobe there’s the Kansai Hamburger Festival! It’s only on for another day so go tomorrow!

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 2

I was able to munch down 4 of these glorious burgers. In order starting with my favorite burger that day.

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 3

#1 58 Diner - Bacon burger - From Kyoto

Amazing bacon cheese burger covered in a sweet miso bbq sauce.

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 4

#2 T’s Star Diner - Takatsuki Cheese Burger - From Takatsuki

Made with local tomatoes and thick shredded cheese.

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 6

#3 Tsuruhashi Burger - Tsuruhashi Burger - From Tsuruhashi, Osaka

Tsuruhashi is the center of the local Korean community in Osaka and they have their own take on the hamburger, this one has grilled steak (yakiniku) and kimchi on a sesame seed bun.

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 5

#4 Giocare (ジョガール) - Mini Kitahama Burger - Kitahama, Osaka

They ran out of the normal sized burgers by the time I ordered mine so I got the small one which was so-so. I wish I was able to get their normal avocado topped Kitahama burger.

There also was Shin's Burger who've I've reviewed before. I'm considering going again tomorrow. See you there?!?!

Kansai Hamburger Festival
Going on till Wednesday the 23rd at Rink - Kobe Fashion Plaza on Rokko Island in Kobe. For a map see the poster above. More information on their website [in Japanese]: http://www.kfp.co.jp/square/index.html

09.20 Kansai Hamburger Festival 1


Anonymous said...

gotta go tomorrow for a big fat burger! - Kenny T.

Molly said...

you ate four hamburgers in one day? D: is that even possible?
all the burgers look soo good! :)

angryparsnip said...

What fun !