Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gyoza 603 - Kokura

08.04 603 Kokura1
Hard at work at Gyoza 603

On my trip down to Kyushu last month I really wanted to sample motsu nabe. It's an offal hotpot with white miso, garlic, nira, and hot peppers. After the 10 hour train trip from Kobe I was ready to consume anything in mass quantities. Oh, I also wanted to imbibe some of Kyushu's famous shochu actually in Kyushu. I stumbled upon Gyoza 603 walking around the entertainment district in front of Kokura station. I was able to do both!

08.04 603 Kokura3
Gyoza at Gyoza 603

603 specializes in gyoza and they make those little dumplings of love in a very unique way. While they are frying the chef will pour some sort of oil which will harden and make a crispy film on the bottom of the pan. After they are fully cooked the chef will flip the gyoza onto a plate and serve them upside down. I got the cheese and shiso gyoza. If I had to criticize them I wish they had a bit more shiso flavor, but I liked them never the less.

08.04 603 Kokura2
Motsu nabe at Gyoza 603

The motsu nabe was totally amazing. I'm so addicted to this dish. I haven't had it since coming back to Kansai, and I'm about due to find it up here. Motsu is the Japanese word for offal or intestines in the edible sense. In the states I wasn't the biggest fan of offal when not ground up into hot dogs, but here I've gotten a taste for it--and I love it!

08.04 603 Kokura4
Gyoza 603 in Kokura

Gyoza 603 has other stores throughout Kyushu and if you have the chance I totally recommend popping in for some great gyoza and the amazing motsu nabe.

Gyoza 603:



billyDe said...

Nice post and pics!! Awesome first pic. What camera are you using?

angryparsnip said...

Your photos are utterly fabulous...

Gyoza good
offal hot pot not so good !

cheers. .. parsnip

David said...

Cannon nantoka thing and that's my Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens which I love. I don't use anything else any more.