Monday, October 09, 2006

写真いっぱい / Many photos

IMG 9134
Last Wednesday I walked from Sannomiya to the HAT area of Kobe where the Nagisa no yu onsen is. Great onsen. Interesting walk.
Click HERE for the 神戸(三宮) set.

IMG 9126
Harvesting rice behind my apartment. If there’s some free land someplace there’s someone to grow rice on it.

IMG 9127
The bike parking lot under the train station. It cost 100円 to park there for a day, but for the peace of mind, it’s well worth it.


mumzilla said...

Love the organic alien pods (9156) that are attacking Sannomiya, did you see godzilla too?

EVO said...


did you actually mean


You must be a kind of Onsen fan. Yesterday, in the super onsen, there was a roon that had no roof and up above us there was a full moon that was soooo bright. It was so beautiful! 

sleepytako said...

Ahh はい なぎさの湯気持ち良かった。I forget that i need to put a feeling after 気持ち。 When people say Kimochiii... it sounds like they are trailing the last sound in ち rather than two words feeling 気持ち and good いい. Hence my mistake. Thanks for the correciton.


sleepytako said...

Haha Mom those pods are on a kids playground between to giant apartment buildings. I loved them too. Totally wanted to play.