Sunday, October 15, 2006

篠山 / Sasayama

IMG 9243
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Yuko and I drove out to Sasayama last week and walked around the castle at sunset. It was super pretty, and the air smelt so clean and fresh.


Click HERE for the set.


Leck48 said...

Hey, I'm reading your blog! I love the pics and they are so much more friendly with broadband.

It looks so green there too, I like :)

EVO said...

The picture of Torii in the sunset is incredibly beautiful.

You should make calenders or something with that picture for sale! I'm joking.

mumzilla said...

I am so envious, all the pictures were fablous. I loved 9232 reminded me of some of the drives we took and 9243. I have been so homesick for Japan, I am watching "Komyo Ga Tsuji Samuria" lots of history, Osaka Castle, and my favorite actress is in it and of course, made by NHK.

sleepytako said...



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