Sunday, October 08, 2006

Free stuff and plastic... the wonders of Japan

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Two things I love about Japan. Cool crap from the 100¥ store and free crap.

The drink-er beer-holder stores 4 cans nicely in my small little refrigerator. And the best part of it is it only cost 100¥ (about $0.84). I can't believe that I almost didn't buy it. That little hunk of plastic has done wonders for the organization of my fridge.

The glass in my right hand came with a 3 pack of Guinness. Not only does it make a great beer glass it is a great size for everything else.

Ah... Japan when will your glories ever fail to amaze me.


EVO said...

The way you explain the plastic crap is very funny! Oh but you overestimate Japan too much maybe because you're a bit drunk!

Hannah is GofeetGo said...

when the wonders fail to amaze, you should move to CHina!!

beer is good for a Davidbear

molly said...

DAVID~! i was looking at old pictures of everyone, and i miss you! >_< ughh! plus i miss your longer hair and beard! Dee thought you were very cute back then too >:D
anyway, yes, I MISS DAVID!

mumzilla said...

Is the glass in your right hand? or your left hand? or is your left hand considered your right because that is the hand your write with and most people are right handed, so in a convoluted way that could be considered your "right" hand?