Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stupid link of the week.

This one kind of comes from my camping post, well I found it doing that post... The California City police log. Super fun seeing what the cops get to do out in the Mojave.

I also recommend, although not as convent, the crime log from Laguna Beach, CA thanks to the Laguna Beach Independent. (Click on the "Section A" button, warning PDF file.)


Hannah is GofeetGo said...

the police log completely inspired me. I love thinking about a hot, seemingly sleepy California afternoon, interupted by random occasions of subruban chaos and innocuous destruction. A society full of mundaniety with mundane crisises. Glory, reminds me of parts of the Oh the Glory of It All, which you should read for its glorius desciptions of excessive personalities in and out of California....I will send it to you when you get to Japan. For now, I "wrote" or rather recontextualized a poem out of your "wacky link of the week." And it's so going in my collection of serious poetry.

An Afternoon Reported.
By Hannah

A neighbor dispute over a floodlight flashing in yard disturbing the dog. Contact made.
A snake in the garage. Contact made. Snake in custody and released.
Juveniles throwing rocks at a street light. Contact made. Subjects in custody.
A sick dog.
Stopped a suspicious pedestrian.
Vandalism to picnic tables at the pavillion. Report taken.
Cows running on the open range.
A flat bed truck with a container about to fall off truck. Contact made, container secured.
A subject carrying a cane, knocking on doors in the area. Unable to locate.
A snake still in the kitchen.
Cows in the roadway. Contact made, cows in the creek.
Checked on a dog at location. Warned and advised on dog grooming
Vandalism to the Outlet Store, the Professional Building, and Pizza Factory. Report taken.
Juveniles with fighting pitbulls. Gone on arrival. Area checked. Unable to locate.
A possible hit and run accident to fire hydrant.
Wife attempted to run over the husband with a vehicle. Contact made.
Stopped a pedestrian. Subject in custody and arrested.
A reckless driver weaving in and out of traffic and off and on the road.
A red scooter driving slow on road. Gone on arrival. Unable to locate.
An abandoned ATV in the bushes.

Hannah is GofeetGo said...

I love the streaming police radio at the top of the page. OMG, its sooo, like, Conet Project, especially when they get to the end and play Bad Boyz, from Cops!.