Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It just rained a little here in the Sonoran desert. The great smell of water on the dusty streets and sidewalks of the little town that was my home for so many years fills my nostrils with every breath. I'm lucky that I can smell this before I head back to Japan in a few months. This smell can only be had here and ones one of the most important smells in my life. What are your most important smells?

University of Arizona webcam

Tucson weather

僕今ツソッンで旅行をしている。今月には珍し天気がある。雨が降った!雨後でとても大好きな匂いになられる。世界の中に同じ匂いがない。 ツソッンだけがあるわけです。その匂い僕にとって大切匂いです。あなたにとって何匂いが大好きですか?



Hannah is GofeetGo said...

the rain in the desert smell is my most "important" smell too. natural gas is also an important smell, but maybe its not that important for the chinese. for instance, last night my friends and i went into a really weird internet cafe absolutely reeking of a gas leek. there were lots of people smoking. we left. its just not an important smell to them, like it is to us.

izumi said...


Please put the smell into the bottle and bring to Japan.
I wanna smell it!
I like the smell after rainning,too.
Smell of Kabutoyama coming down with wind.

EVO said...

It's maybe only me but I love the air after rain. It feels as if it got cleaner and fresher. 砂漠の雨の後の匂いなんて想像できないな。すごい不思議な匂いだろうなぁ…