Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phoenix is full of brick buildings and chain stores.

Jared lives in a cool house next to the train tracks about a 1/4 mile away from the ASU campus in a 3 bed room house with to brothers as roommates who seem like really cool people. We played badminton in his back yard and the Tucson team, Ed and I, got beat 21-12. The sad. Before that we went to Ikea for lunch... Ed HAD to go... It was gloriously Swedish. Jokes were made.
After lunch we walked around the campus shopping district all done in a mandated brick construction with your average selection of chain family restaurants, coffee shops, and hipster clothing. Ed bought new green undies that seemed like they’d give good support at the American Apparel store. We went to this cool oyster bar/normal bar to have a few drinks. It was the tasty. Ed compared the Tucson CoOp to the Tempe CoOp and concluded: “Suck.”
I got a yummy Itoen brand tea, something they don’t sell in the same packaging in Japan, and a yummy kombucha tea.
Now, as I type this post, I am at a cool all ages cafe, gallery, and venue in a low-rent part of downtown Phoenix called The Trunk Space. Seen one band and I’m on the second. Both have been good. The first had a great Modest Mouse feel this second one is just rocking out with beat boxing breakdowns. I miss places like this, I haven’t found anything like it in Japan. The art is really well done too. All the frames have a button that turns on some light inside illuminating the collaged dioramas inside. The imagery is mostly religious of some sort.
After this Jared is going to take us to a restaurant that he recommended called My Florist. Great place, I had a yummy cobb salad and we all shared a bottle of wine. They were showing local short films on a screen which became great fodder for us. Ed didn’t eat anything as he wanted an In-and-Out burger on the way back. We got home around 2am bleh. Ed had to open the CoOp.
I slept like a baby in Ed’s room, there’s something great about that house. Today I’m going to UA to talk to some people concerning my graduation then its off to dinner with my uncle. But I’m posting this from Bentley’s after having a yummy cheese and avocado sandwich. Fun stuff. More photos up from yesterday, more to come later.


Hannah is GofeetGo said...

food entertainment consumer orgy!
There is far too many hipster hangouts with oh-too-clever names like "The Trunk Space." It makes my not want to go to them, even if I'd enjoy myself. Today I passed up a afternoon with my friends in the hip foreigner enclave--Sanlitun. This is just the place for an area for a place called "Thr Original Bar Place" But in chinese eyes that's like a totally hip name. My last experience in Phoenix was complete nightmare of being lost without anyone giving me comprehensive directions. But there I amazingly stumpled across the TOEFFL class I was sent there to attend, which from the moment I stepped into class realized was a complete waste of 1000 dollars. Why cannot Ed shake is unshakable eduring love for past glories like lunch in the Ikea and In and Out Burger. Okay, there is a desire to visit Ikea here in Beijing but only because its the second biggest in the fucking world! And because there is a free bus that takes people there and because I want to watch chinese people to try to haggle with Ikea showroom persons. They cannot not haggle, every price is negotiable, everything is haggled even stooles and flurgens.

Hannah is GofeetGo said...

Sounds like a lot of fun is being had. BOO i WANT FUN WITH YOU GUYS!

sleepytako said...

Ed wants a credit card.

Hannah is GofeetGo said...

tell him No!