Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ohmi Tetsudo #2


Shiga, where the Ohmi Tetsudo runs, reminds me a bit of San Deigo and Imperial counties along the Mexico / California border in the USA. The rural-industrial use of the land. Factories and factory farms to the large population of Brazilian-Japanese who work in those factories.

I thought this photo with the Kirin brewery in the background, the farm outbuildings in the middle-ground and the Ohmi Tetsudo line in the foreground did a good job of encapsulating this part of Shiga.

The Ohmi line shown is the Taga line that travels 2.5km towards the mountains from the Ohmi main line. One of the two stops on the line has the odd and rare name in katakana スクリーン (Screen), The station is named after the factory it serves and is located in front of: Dai-Nippon Screen MFG. CO..


angryparsnip said...

Yes it does look somewhat like that area but with a much overall greenness.
Great photo !

cheers, parsnip

Japan Australia said...

Yes, it is a good image that captures the rural-industrial use of the land, typical of Japan.

Japan Australia

Postman said...

You captured both the scene and its doppelganger in one photograph.