Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Azusa River Tepco Hall, near Matsumoto, Nagano.

05.21AzusaRiverTepcoHall-1 by sleepytako
05.21AzusaRiverTepcoHall-1, a photo by sleepytako on Flickr.
Something tells me that Tepco will have to change it's logo. It's hard to imagine that the company will be able to stay around without a major image change. Even now that logo looks like a made up one for an evil company from a movie set in a Terminator-like dystopian future.

Taken through the window of the closed Asukakawa Tepco-kan, a science museum and Tepco PR spot that was closed indefinitely after the earthquake.


Kaley said...

Hello! I found your blog via the Japan Blog List and I have a question for you.

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All I ask of you is to send a paragraph (or more if you'd like) explaining your favorite part of Japan and why, maybe include a picture of it if you'd like. Just send me an email at with your reply (or questions) and I'd love to feature you!

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

Toshogu said...

Yeah, it does look like an evil logo.

I see Kaley is making her rounds. Same message on several other blogs.

David said...

Prior to the Fukushima NPP issue, I'm sure none of us really had an artistic opinion of Tepco's logo either way. I know I never saw it before the quake.