Thursday, August 05, 2010

Raffinato Anniversary Dinner

Raffinato, originally uploaded by sleepytako.
Yuko and my amazing 2nd anniversary dinner was at Raffinato in Ashiya. Way too good.

From top to bottom:
Sea urchin on a carrot mouse
Grilled hamo (a type very soft white fish)
I forget, some seafood pasta that Yuko got. I had a prosciutto thing instead.
Bacon spaghetti
Yuko's fish main dish of locally caught fish
My Sanda beef main dish

Not the cheapest place in the world, although lunch is reasonable. It starts at about ¥5,000. I totally recommend going here for something special. We both left very happy. The chef even comes out and thanks you personally at the end of your meal.

Raffinato's website [in Japanese]:

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Eryl Shields said...

It all looks completely divine, no wonder your mum feels the need to bake!