Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gotsu Station and Environs - 江津駅と駅前

Gotsu Station platform.

I had a 1 hour wait for my next train heading along the coast towards Yonago, my final destination for the night. After riding a train for 4 hours, I needed a bit to eat and a walk. Gotsu is the biggest station for a while, but it's still a pretty small town. These towns along the Japan Sea coast get beat by hot summers and brutal winters. I've experienced both seasons. Both are beautiful. The rural areas like this are getting hit by a lack of young people who move away for better jobs and more opportunities. The areas near the stations also seem to be taking a hit due to the increased ownership of private automobiles. The new shopping areas are increasingly built around places easily accessed by car leaving the areas near the station to slowly turn into what we see now.

The loading docks of a, I presume shuttered, business.

A street with bars and restaurants.

The entrance to a local sento (bathhouse). It looked like it was shut permanently, but I was there in the morning and could be wrong.

In Gotsu station.

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