Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miyoshi / 三次市

Tenant-less building near Miyoshi Station

Miyoshi is the Japanese version of Missoula, Montana. Mountain town. Intersection of major, yet rural, transportation. On a river. Small, yet fighting, tourist infrastructure. Seemingly depressed economically. Perfect for a photographer with an eye for detritus.

Signs celebrating the ukai along the Gonokawa River.

The city has a small ukai event going on. Ukai, for those who don't know is fishing using a living bird. I saw two boats full of tourists on the river watching it the night I went.

Sign at the entrance to Miyoshi's snack bar district and the entrance to Chibi, a closed bar.

I had the best tonkatsu, fried pork, dinner in Miyoshi. Riding my rental bike from the hotel I searched for a restaurant. It took a while on a grumbling stomach. I road by this place once and the smell was great, but, I rode on looking for whatever else was there. 15 minutes later I returned to Tonkatsu Wakaha (とんかつ和佳葉). Yes, I spent ¥2,000 on dinner, but IT WAS GREAT. I cannot recommend this little tonkatsu place more. Oh, and they have more reasonable things on the menu. I just went big that night.
Tonkatsu Wakaha... So good!

Bridge over Gonokawa.

I only had a few very tired hours riding around Miyoshi and wished I had more. The old house district was quite nice and I found everyone there very friendly. If my travels ever take me near there again I hope to spend some more time checking out the city and the amazing nature that surrounds it.

Out of service booze vending. In service planters.

Pedestrian walkway across the Gonokawa river.

Monument (name marker?) for the river. Notice how the government agency which originally placed the marker has changed names since it was first placed.


Anonymous said...

looks like a small town alright...

Fumiya said...

I just found your blog on Miyoshi. I now live in Arkansas, but was born and grew up in Miyoshi (well, my home town merged with Miyoshi several years ago). I graduated from Miyoshi High School, and spent lots of time in the city.

Thanks for the memories.

David said...

Thanks for the comment Fumiya. Wow, Arkansas. Not to many Japanese around there.

Miyoshi was a beautiful town. I hope to go through there again soon. I still need to ride the 福塩線 and the 芸備線 to Hiroshima, so that will take me through Miyoshi again.

My 部長 is also from a town that merged with Miyoshi. Great people up in that area.