Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's "Outlook" Program

I recommend today's Outlook program from the BBC World Service about China's new railway to Tibet, the highest railway in the world. 5,5000m high half the height of a cruising airplane. The line includes the world's highest tunnel.
On today's Outlook Heather Payton travels on the new Qinghai to Lhasa railway that links China and Tibet. The railway is the highest in the world, going up to a maximum height of 5072 metres. This means that passengers are at risk of suffering altitude sickness - which is why the train is equipped with medical supplies and oxygen. It also means that the railway is an incredible feat of engineering because much of it is built on permanently frozen ground known as permafrost - in fact many people thought that, due to the harsh environment at that height, it would never be built. However, special methods were used to chill the ground below the track to keep it stable. Heather speaks to people who were involved in the building of the railway, who work on the train, and people travelling to Tibet, to find out what they all think of this extraordinary new railway across the roof of the world.
The link to the Outlook page or the direct link to the real audio archive.

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Hannah is GofeetGo said...

Great link. I keep trying to listen to this but get pulled away. I have read much about this in the chinese press. I can't wait to ride it myself. maybe soon!