Friday, September 01, 2006

Cookin’ dinner / 晩ご飯を作った!

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I made my self a nice old dinner the other night. Start with a hunk of tofu, firm. Press that, set it up on a place as shown. Chop up some garlic, saute that for a while. Add some cheap thin cut meat, I used some pork that was on super sale. As the pork cooks add what ever liquids you have around the house. I added mirin, soy sauce, sesame seed oil, rice vinegar, ponzu, and the non-liquid sugar. I let the meat cook in that stuff for a while then added kimchi and the veggies I had in the apartment: green onion and bean sprouts. Once that’s all good glop it on top of your tofu and munch down. My tofu to meat and stuff ratio was a bit off but still good. I forgot to top it with nori and sesame seeds.

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EVO said...

It looks good. :) I guess you never goof it up as long as you use Japanese seasonings. They helped me a lot when I was in the U.K.!

Is this your first attempt ?