Sunday, September 10, 2006

城崎温泉日帰り / Kinosakionsen day trip

IMG 8436
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Photos from my day trip from Sanda to Kinosaki onsen I took last month.


I rode the trains for 5 or 6 hours for one hour in an onsen. Plus I got drenched by the rain getting back to the station. Oh ya, and lots of delays on the JR. But a fun trip. Kinosaki has a local brewery that makes some really good beers. I went to Kounoyu. Nice place, if a bit small. It has a great outdoor bath with a good few of the green hills.

My Kinosakionsen day trip photoset @ Flickr
Kinosakionsen's tourist site (in English)
Kinosaki from space (from Google Maps)


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muthra said...

wonderful!! really liked #8349 and 8341 Loved the moutains in the back, and the one peason in the fields. even on a train your take better pictures than most of us.

Anonymous said...

opps.... person not peason