Monday, July 17, 2006

阪急今津線の写真 Hankyu Imazu line photos

IMG 7622
Originally uploaded by sleepytako.
I walked around Hankyu Imazu line in Nishinomiya and took some photos.

Click HERE for the set.


mamagon said...

You have done it again,wonderful pictures the red bike one is one of the best.
When we were there I saw people all the time every where we were walking or riding. Interesting that you find shots that have no people or a perfectly placed one. Not that I find that a bad thing just very interesting, and great to look at.

mumagon said...

I think you search out or are drawn to these kind of shots not lonely but quiet pictures of everyday life that can be beautiful. I think that we can find beauty in almost anything if we only look and open up our eyes