Monday, July 17, 2006


Amayu House (あま湯ハウス) is a supersento, relaxation complex complete with more than just a great bathhouse. A short 5 minute walk from JR Amagasaki station. Just head west towards Kobe following the train tracks, its hard not to see.

Price: 1,850円

Included: body soap, shampoo, rinse, face soap, razors, toothbrush, body towel, bath towel, yukata (to walk around the building in), hair dryers, hair combs, some after shave like stuff... and for 1,850円 it better have all that.
Underwear and better razors are for sale from a vending machine in the changing room.

Shower, basic cleaned water ofuro, basic unfiltered ofuro, vitamin bath, nice wooden ofuro, a herbal bath that had a cave motif, cold water bath, steam sauna with salt, sauna, outdoor unfiltered ofuro, three tub baths with different herbs added.

There are vending machines and 2 or 3 different restaurants.

Lobby sitting area with newspapers, a tatami sitting area, sleeping room (complete with lounge chairs and blankets to use, massage chairs, massage service (feet, shoulder, , smoking areas, gacha-gacha, UFO catchers, slots, coin-ops.

Lock your shoes, present the ticket and the key from the shoe locker to the check in person who you will pay and give you a locker key. Enter the baths. Enjoy!

I love going to places like this, its huge, but I don’t think many gaijin go. I got some odd looks. I went around 9 in the morning and it was fairly busy, but no waiting for anything the baths were more than big enough. I can’t recommend a place like this more, yea it is a bit pricey, but its around that of a movie ticket here in Japan and I’d rather take my time in the baths than watch a crappy movie. I had a great time sitting in the sun after getting out of the cold bath and getting a little tan while the water evaporated off of my skin. The other great thing about Ama no yu is the different herbal baths and the way they make your skin feel and smell after. Oh yea the cute otter mascot is too cute to pass up.


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