Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ボーデペイント / Body paint

仕事でいろいろ任務をしなければならないから、仕事が好きだ。今日プールで遊んで ボーデペイントを書いた。すごい楽しかった。遊んだ後で先生は子供にボーデペイントを洗ってくれた。生徒の体は僕の手と水で ボーデペイントを擦った。その生徒のお臍の中にみどりペイントを見ると思ったけど、接触する時にペイントじゃないのに気がついた!ヌメリだったよ!EWWWWWWWW!!!!!! 「Awww. What’s this! Oh, its not paint. Well I’ll clean it anyway.」と言った。


At my job I have to do many different tasks, that’s why I like it. Today we played in the pool then painted with body paints. It was fun. After playing the teachers cleaned the children’s body paint. With my hand I scrubbed the students bodies. In one students belly button I noticed what I thought was some green body paint, however when I touched it it turned out to be mucus! EWWWWWWW!!!!! “ Awww. What’s this! Oh, its not paint. Well I’ll clean it anyway” I said.

When teaching children many surprising things will happen.

(Note: I tried to write my English version of the story almost as I wrote my Japanese so that’s why it might read funny. Also わけだ means like “it follows that” or “that is to say” so I think I used it correctly.)


EVO said...

yes, u used it correctly, but you could also say like this and this sounds more natural :


I hope it helps! うらやましい!I envy you because you are always with the lovely kids! ( hehe, it's a British way )

sleepytako said...

あぁ!そうだね。ハブニングの言葉は勉強ことがない。Also useing と right there, that's also new to me it seems. Thanks for the help! :D