Sunday, August 07, 2011

Burger King has Come to Kansai


Burger King has returned to Kansai, but it's really not too much to talk about.


I went by on a Saturday or Sunday (can’t remember, too lazy to look up) assuming to be in a super long line, but found the wait to be a few minutes. Nothing more than a typical McDonald's on the weekends.


The burger tasted like a Burger King burger. Nothing too special. You’re able to customize the burger to a degree. I added the mustard and that was nice. Perhaps the best thing about the whole meal. You can see the menu here.


The fries were fine. I remember 10 years ago (or more) when BK changed their fries to these buttery popcorn tasting things. I hated them and I quit eating at BK for that reason. It was nice to find out that these fries were different. I also got the cheese potato nuggets. Not too bad, but exactly the same as the cheese potato things from DomDom burger.

The restaurant is quite small to say the least with a well shut off smoking area. Three tables against the far wall had iPod jacks and directional speakers allowing you to choose your own music following with the theme of “choice” in their menu.

All in all not too much to report. It’s a chain burger joint. Make sure to check their website for coupons before you go.

Open 24 hours.

Located near the Bic Camera in Namba.

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angryparsnip said...

Not a Burger King fan... don't like the french fries either. but I remember eating a BK Breakfast sandwich at the airport we flew out of when you where at Cambridge to fly to Scotland, It was the best sausage ever. Never had one like it in America.
But I don't eat American fast food either.

Japan Australia said...

I enjoy the odd Burger King now and then. I had to try the Burger King Meat Monster when it came out in Japan.

Click here to see the Meat Monster

Jonas said...

Good for the people in Kansai! It's the best burger chain in my opinion, especially after a long night out^^

SQ said...

Really cool.

piyush vala said...

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