Friday, March 18, 2011

Earthquake Update - One week on.

It's been a week since the quake hit. It's been a fast, fast week.

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been sending their thoughts, hopes and prayers to me and to all of Japan. It's been moving to see such an outpouring of love and caring.

On Yuko's advice, I've stopped reading Twitter all day and tried to do some other things with my free time. Sitting and watching the news nonstop can really make you feel pessimistic.

I've heard stories of people leaving, and families of friends here asking them to return. I'm having none of that. I'm staying, and that goes for my friends here too. We live here. Japan is our home.

I'm still posting and retweeting some good and some not-good stuff @sleepytako

To keep me busy though I started a new blog on Tumblr.

It's a simple project that I'm sure others have done. I'm going to list 100 things that I like about Japan and living here. The reasons why I'm staying. The reasons why I'm not leaving. So, check that out if you have time.



Caroline said...

You're being a very good citizen, David, and a great source of accurate information for us back home. I wanted to let you know that I am currently participating in a fundraising blogathon for Japan disaster relief, and I mentioned you and the family in the first post. Even though I said you were all safe, every one of my commenters sent their best wishes.

angryparsnip said...

What a Great Idea.
I sort of did that on my last post on my blog.

I was going to come out at the end of April but I can't come because of health problem I have to clean up first... but if I was healthy I would have come...

Even though I don't live in Japan full time it is my home too !

cheers, parsnip

"Tokyo Five" said...

I wrote a post on the one week mark since the earthquake too:

Kanani said...

Really? Why would anyone leave unless all resources had been exhausted and there was no other hope or option?
Yeah, stay there. We need someone to sponge off of when we go over. I've been ordered for the same reasons, to stay in California.

Japan Australia said...

it is hard to image that a week has past by so quickly and Japan is still in the International headlines with the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor meltdown.

The US, UK and Australian governments have urged people from their countries to leave Japan as soon as possible, if they are not required to be there. We have had a wave of Aussie's return home to Australia including expats and travellers. I don't know if they are being overcautious or what, but also not too sure about what the Japanese government is saying and how much they are concealing.

Japan Australia

David said...

Japan Australia, please check your facts.

There are headlines using the word "meltdown" but those are sensationalist and FALSE. Spreading them does no good for anyone.

The US government has advised against non-essential travel to Japan. It has also provided help for US citizens in the effected areas, including the Fukushima exclusion zone, to leave. THERE IS NO CALL FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS TO LEAVE JAPAN.

Spreading misinformation at this time is not helpful for the people in Japan, and it's not doing any good for those around the world who are worrying about us.

Please, be more careful.

Japan Australia said...

David, I am sorry if you feel that this is misinformation, but this is what is being reported in the foreign press at this time. I am not sensationalising or spreading this information, but only stating what is currently happening and how a lot of people are veiwing this situation.

Our prayers and wishes are with everyone in Japan and we are wishing for a speedy recovery.

Japan Australia

David said...

Sorry if I came off rough, but the foreign press has failed completely at covering the quake and aftermath. NHK has been doing a fine job of covering this crisis along with people like @Gakuranman and the Muntantfrog bloggers.

Required reading:

Thank you for your prayers and wishes. The best thing you, and my myself for that matter, can do now is to help assure our worried friends and families around the world that the situation is not as bad as some in the global press want you to believe.

Japan Australia said...

Thanks David,

I'll check out that Gakuranman link you provided.