Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you in Atlanta, GA?

I MADE A MISTAKE. The Auction was on SATURDAY the 1/19th. It's already over. From what I hear many pieces sold and a lot of money was raised.
Video about the show:

In Atlanta this Sunday SATURDAY? Go and see one of my photographs, along with other wonderful shots by real photographers, in a silent auction at the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta. Of course the proceeds will be donated to Tohoku Earthquake Relief.

More information at the site below:

I'd like to thank my super good friend Hannah for getting my photo into the show. Hannah, you're the best. I hope to see you soon.


sixmats said...


angryparsnip said...

Oh David...
I saw your photo and it is wonderful.

Congratulations !

cheers, parsnip

David said...

Thank you!

Japan Australia said...

Congratulations. It is always nice to receive some recognition.

Japan Australia