Saturday, February 05, 2011

Mumblings of an Old Man - マヤンの呟き

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Not so cheap sake...

I got this buckwheat (soba) shochu for my birthday. It's worth it for the bottle and the name, but the taste is wonderful.

It smells like straight alcohol but with a subtle whiskey smell in the background. Somewhat spicy.
The first thing that gets you when you sip it is the thick, slippery mouthfeel. A bit oily.
The favor has a sweetness, but not as sweet as some shochu. It's the most scotch tasting of any shochu I've had. The kick in the aftertaste is pleasantly strong.

I've had it straight or rocks. Both good.

Mumblings of an Old Man
Ingredients: soba, koji, rice.
(I'm guessing mayan is a local term for oyaji?)


angryparsnip said...

What a fabulous Birthday gift.
Great bottle, hysterical name and it sounds wonderful, if I could drink !

cheers, parsnip

Aki said...

Love the name - perfect! gorgeous packaging too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bottle ! Received this as a birthday gift and was told it was sake. Does it taste a bit like sake ?

David said...

It's not "sake" which is rice wine. It's a type of shochu which is stronger than rice wine and has a much different taste. This one is made by distilling buckwheat--the same ingredient used in soba noodles.

BTW, "Sake" means both rice wine and booze in Japanese.