Thursday, January 07, 2010

Shiominama Daifuku

01.02 ShiomiNamaDaifuku1

Last post I described our trip down to Ako, but why did we choose to go down there, well it's quite simple: Shiominama Daifuku [塩味生大福].

01.02 ShiomiNamaDaifuku2

Ako is famous for its salt and Ako salt is used in the mochi for these cream and asuki filled treats. Because the mochi is fresh it's chewy and pulls apart like cheese on a pizza. Inside the azuki and cream complement each other perfectly making one of the most decadent, and addictive treats I've ever had.

01.02 ShiomiNamaDaifuku3

These daifuku are only sold online or at the Tatsuno Nishi Service Area (in Japanese) [竜野西SA] on the Kobe side of the Sanyo Highway [山陽自動車道]. You have to get onto the freeway to just go and buy these things, but once you have them they are worth it.


angryparsnip said...


I want !

David said...

We'll drive down there and get some next time you come out. They are totally worth the drive and highway tolls!