Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Favorite Photos of 2009 (2/3)

I've looked through all of the 1000 plus photos I took last year and found my favorite 30 shots. This group starts after Yuko and I returned to Japan from the US. You'll also see some photos from my trip to Kyushu. I hope you enjoy them. This is the second set.

06.10Kobe-Maruyama 3
Typical single family houses perched on hillsides near Maruyama station in Nagata-ku above Kobe's old downtown.

06.15 Mimurotoji -1
Women in kimono heading up the stairs to Mimurotoji in Uji, Kyoto pref..

2009.06.15 - Natsuka Supermarket in Uji
Natsuka supermarket in Uji, Kyoto pref..

A construction barrier in the Shinsekai area of Osaka.

Storefronts near Tennoji station, Osaka.

07.15 Mukogawa-Mansion-1
A pair of apartment buildings near the Mukogawa river in Amagasaki, Hyogo pref.. Taken from across the river in Nishinomiya, Hyogo pref..

A very old children's ride inside a Tokyo bathhouse.

08.04 603 Kokura1
Making gyoza in Kokura, Kita-Kyushu city, Fukuoka pref..

08.05 BeppuLandscape 1
An air conditioner and a sake barrel turned into a pot along an alley in Beppu, Oita pref..

Two JR Kyushu trains passing at Hyuga Otsuka station in Kagoshima pref..

Tomorrow I'll put up the last 10 photos.

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angryparsnip said...

The light and composition is wonderful in the photo of the Gyoza chef.
The photo of the apartment buildings which are very " Le Corbusier" is also one of my favorites.

Can't wait for the third set...

I am going to zoom through some of your older pictures and find the one that I always remember I think it is in your Kobe set.