Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Kyushu Eki-ben

I spent a week earlier this month riding trains, boats, and buses in Kyushu. Here are the two Eki-ben* I had.

Hiroshima Station Eki-ben.

Akatori Bibinba Bento w/ Hiroshima Carp green tea and Hiroshima Carp cup sake.

The bento had rice mixed with ground chicken, kimchi, and sprouts. It also had a half boiled egg and hot sauce that you mixed into the rice. One of the best Eki-ben I've ever had. The tea and sake wasn't that bad either.

08.06 ToritenNanbanBento 108.06 ToritenNanbanBento 2
Oita Station Eki-ben.

Toriten Nanban Bento.

Fried Chicken in Kyushu is called toriten とり天 instead of karaage からあげ. It's also cooked differently, the batter is more like a tempura batter than a typical karaage. Chicken Nanban, covering chicken with a egg tartar and thickened sweetened vinegar, is also local to Miyazaki prefecture. I got this bento at Oita station, not an official eki-ben, but really good!

More Eki-ben

*Eki-ben are box lunches that are sold in train stations throughout Japan that feature local recipes and specialties.

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