Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ritsurin Park - Kagawa Pref.

07.30 RitsurinPark 7

Ritsurin Park isn't one of the top three gardens in Japan, but one worth going to. Lonely planet laments on the views of the buildings from the park ruining the experience, but for me I thought it was a nice representation of modern Japan. The mountain behind the park does make a good example of "borrowed scenery" in garden design.

There is ample information about the park in English for and you can read more about the park on their webpage.

07.30 RitsurinPark 1
The adjacent buildings popping up over trees of the park.

07.30 RitsurinPark 3
Be sure to feed the hungry carp while there. Most of the little tea houses in the park sell sticks of bread you can give to the fish.

More photos in my Kagawa Udon 09 set on flickr.


pejo81 said...

Nice picture, what camera do you you use wide angle lens as well?

David said...

My body is a Canon EOS 40D

I take most of my photos with a Sigma f1.4 30mm lens. I also have a lensbabies 3g and some cannon zoom I don't use too often.

I'm shopping for a fixed 100mm lens atm.

angryparsnip said...

I don't agree with Lonely Planet, somehow the buildings show, for me, how the park adds to and makes everyday life better. Adore the "Borrowed Scenery" example