Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Very Hard Towel Old Man Towel: Masato

VeryHardTowel, originally uploaded by sleepytako.

I like my towels hard.

Brown and hard.

Brown, hard and themed after some oji-chan named Masato.

I don't know if Masato is real, but I sure like his towel. Really, hard should have been translated as rough. This nylon towel is the closest you could get to scrubbing yourself off with steel wool without, well, using steel wool. Also I bet steel wool would leave you bloody and not so clean. You see, I'm a bath nut. I have an entire different blog about my bathhouse habit. And I like feeling totally clean when I get into the bath. This towel scrubs off any dirt and that first layer of pesky skin the same time. I love it.

There's a whole line of oyaji* themed bath towels for men at your local drugstore or discount shop. Which oyaji* are you?

*親父 (おやじ) - Old man


angryparsnip said...

You find the best stuff ! love that towel
I checked out your bathhouse page again, hadn't been for awhile, and always surprised how great that blog is and how much fun and enjoyment you have reviewing it. Tough job.
You make it seem like we are there too !
One change though, put a extra note about the woman's side sometime if your able.

sleepytako said...

I would, but I as a man I can't go into the women's side. In most of the cases it is the exact same as the men's side.

angryparsnip said...

Only when you had a lady there to compare note with. I know you can't go into the other side.