Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Retrospective 2008 - Part 2

Here I present my best photos of 2008. As usual this year I continued the themes of detritus and the vernacular landscape. Be it the remains of city infrastructure or the everyday objects that facilitate our economies, I try to highlight things that we see everyday, but might not notice or think about.

I was helped this year by the trick Lensbaby lens and Adobe's Lightroom software. Most of these photos were shot in RAW and converted to JPEG for posting to flickr. I use a Canon EOS 40D camera.

These photos can also be found at my flickr set: Restospective 2008
Part one can be found here. Part three can be found here.

Address sign
Address Sign - Inari Shrine, Kyoto

Supporting Failure
Supporting Failure - Himeji, Hyogo
A support from what was the Himeji Monorail.

Brilliant City / Maroon Train
Brilliant City / Maroon Train - Juso, Osaka
A Hankyu train crosses over the Yodogawa into Umeda.

Kaijyohoancho - Kata, Wakayama

Abandoned Cable Car
Abandoned Cable Car - Hiei-zan, Kyoto

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Parking - Wakayama-city, Wakayama

Take the Other Route
Take the Other Route - Hasedera, Nara

Waiting in Line
Waiting in Line - Inari Shrine, Kyoto,

Shimbun Signs
Shimbun Signs - Hasedera, Nara
Newspapers have local delivery distributors in Japan. In urban areas most only sell papers from one company, but in rural areas one distributor might take on many papers. These signs advertise which papers this store distributes.

1963-1 - Joto-ku, Osaka


Tornadoes28 said...

Some good haikyo pics and I like the line of torii gates at the Inari shrine.

angryparsnip said...

Fabulous Inari Shrine photo.