Monday, October 29, 2007

Okadera and Nara Park

IMG 3303

While the rest of the gaijin community is getting flustered over this, I’d rather go to cool temples. Yuko’s Mom has been on a route going to various temples around Kansai and getting a scroll signed and stamped at each one. This is much like the famous 88 temple route in Shikoku. Sadly I’m not that well versed on Buddhism and I cannot explain the meaning behind it all, but I can say that the temples are beautiful. Okadera (lit. hill temple) was especially beautiful.

IMG 3319
A view of main temple of Okadera from the walking path that circles the temple grounds.

IMG 3284
A moss and fungus covered tree stump on the grounds of Okadera

IMG 3249
A lady selling drinks and snacks near the public restrooms in Nara Park

IMG 3241
A priest signing the temple's name in Nara Park.

The rest of the photos from this trip can be found in this set.

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