Monday, October 29, 2007


California is on fire. Or was. Still smoldering at least. My house burnt down in a similar firestorm back in 1993. I was a freshman in high-school. It was a big deal I guess, but I wasn’t really saddened by the event. It was something that happened. I lost most of everything I owned, but to me it was just stuff and I was young at the time so I didn’t have that much of it. I remember being brought in for counseling during my favorite class, World Geography with Mr. Slevcov, and telling the counselor that he was interrupting my favorite class. I guess it was easy on me. I know it was harder on my Mother who lost her history. It also might have even been the start of the long decent that would eventually lead to the breakup of my family.

I look back upon it as an incredible experience. Maybe one that has made me stronger in the face of other disasters and made me less connected to things in a way that makes living abroad easier.

These are the few photos from the event that I have on my computer.





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