Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Slide and Stair

Digital photography has made my photos too erratic. It's time to start working on a theme. Following what I use to do in the desert I've decided to focus on Japan's rusted infrastructure. Here are two recent photos from the Koyoen area of Nishinomiya.

IMG 9773

IMG 9770

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Anonymous said...

The pairing of these two is nice and subtle. Both rusted, both receding from the foreground, yes. But yet, considering the perspective you choose to photograph from: the slide goes down (about to slide down it) and the stair railings go up (about to go up it) as if visually meeting one another. Thematically they oppose each other though, red slide evokes youthful vigor, yet the stair railings evoke the weariness of age. Not just physical rusted infrastructure but the human story of their use and purpose and whom they serve.

I;ve been following this great blog for a while: its such a Hannah-David circa our period of Radical/Geographical/ Analytics Art.