Saturday, December 23, 2006

猪肉すき焼き / Inoshishi meat sukiyaki

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Next Year’s animal is the wild boar or inoshishi (イノシシ) in Japanese so in honor of that I went to the JA Pascal store and bought some inoshishi meat (猪肉). Pascal is a wonderful store that sells products directly from the farmers. This store is run by the Sanda branch of the JA or Japan Agriculture which is a quasi-governmental group that basically runs agriculture in Japan, besides offering insurance, banks, and running gas stations. They sell giant daikon for 100円 and the prices for the veggies are also insanely low. Plus it’s the only place to buy shishimeat. (They also had some really yummy looking duck that I was tempted to buy.)

Anyhow tomorrow night for a Christmas celebration we are going to make inoshishi sukiyaki. I’ve been enthralled by these animals since I’ve come to Kansai, they lived all around my old host mother’s house and around Konan University. So I’m really looking forward to munching on some for the first time. I'll report back on Monday.

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mumzilla said...

UGGGGGGH! ! ! How dare you eat such a cute little boar. Even the tag on the package is sooooooo cute, and he is running and playing and having a good time....bad bad David, the Javelinas in Tucson will get you.

Peacey said...