Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chili Pepper Socks

IMG 9425
Originally uploaded by sleepytako.
Wow, I knew it made my food hot and my mouth burn, but it also keeps my feet nice and toasty. Capsicin, er.. capsaicin, great stuff.


mumzilla said...

I tried the cream to give me some relief from my arthritis, for me it didn't work. boo!

Peacey said...

I was wearing the uniqlo's heat-tach stocings today. It's such a warmer. We have ingrared socks, too.

sleepytako said...

uniqlo = love
Did you hear they opened a store in New York, soon it will be all over the US! YAY!

Peacey said...

You love the shop? The name, uniqlo is kind of ださい but the quality mm so-so ok.

sleepytako said...

Well my favorite shop is Muji, I like earthy tones and the like, but for stuff like socks, underwear, undershirts, the occational shirt, and warm stuff like the long underwear I'm wearing right now... yea Uniqlo is nice.