Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Engyoji Shoshazan 円教寺 書写山

04.04Engyoji-1, originally uploaded by sleepytako.
Engyoji is the main temple at Shoshasan a few minutes drive, cable car, and walk north of Himeji Castle. This gorgeous temple is part of the Western Japan 33 temple route and is also famous for being a filming location for "The Last Samurai." I've never seen the film and I don't have any desire to, but it brings in many tourists. The temple and environs are totally worth the beautiful 1km uphill hike from the cable car terminal.


angryparsnip said...

Great photo...
Remember when we were in Tokyo and the tour guide was talking about the movie ? I had to bite my tongue every time she said the the evil jerks name...
I did see parts of the movie and the Japaneses actors were outstanding but the movie was ruined for me by TC.

cheers, parsnip

shinco said...