Saturday, October 02, 2010

Yes! We have an Engrish menu.

In January of this year I took an evening trip to Sakai city to try out Sarasa-no-Yu (さらさのゆ) a newish supersento that touted a carbonated water bath. After enjoying the wonderful baths there, I made my way to the restaurant and discovered some of the best Engrish I have ever encountered. I only just went through the photos on my old cellphone and found the time to upload them now. So please to be enjoying the food of gastromnic blissfulness from the restaurant at Sarasa-no-Yu.

Sermon decoration
(You remember when Jesus gave the sermon to the salmon about household decorations)
Soon tofu with pig innards
(Soon -not- to be in my stomach!)
On special Steaming scorch of pig ribs and coconut
(The worst part of this one is there is no coconut in that. Moyashi = coconut?)
Fibrous beef boiled for hours
(Hours of boiling enjoyment!)
Fry without coating of length potato
(This is my new most favorite best Engrish EVER)


Tornadoes28 said...

That last one is hilarious.

angryparsnip said...


me want !

to eat all especially the tofu with pig innards !

ummmmmmmmm yummy !

David your a hoot...

cheers, parsnip

justgotspaid said...

Amazing! ha ha ha. What a treasure trove of great Engrish. Good work.