Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ikomasan 生駒山

The Jet Roller wasn't closed, but no one was operating it either.

On the top of Mt. Ikoma forming the border between Nara and Osaka prefectures is a theme park. Accessible by car or the cable car line from the Kintetesu station far below. The theme park is spotted with the many bright white and red towers of Osaka's many radio and TV stations making a stark juxtaposition or just a testimonial to the multiple use ethic of Japanese developers. I went there on a crisp Monday morning last week. I found the park to be devoid of any guests and staff. Perhaps the most active things in the entire park were in the dog play area. A very rambunctious little black dog was attempting to mate with a larger, older golden one who gracefully ignored the offers.

Tin roofs showing through the foliage on the path down the mountain.

Deciding to walk down the hill proved fun, yet brutal on my legs which still hurt a bit. That slope was steep. Still, it's under an hours walk down and it goes through some *interesting* streets, a beautiful temple and shrine and a great forest.

The cable car station on the top of the mountain.

An ancient vending machine left to die slowly along the way.

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angryparsnip said...

Bummer that no one was there to run the park !
Great, great photo ( again )