Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My face in Okonomiyaki.

03.24OkonomiyakiFace-1, originally uploaded by sleepytako.
Can you tell that's my beard?

Today was the next to last day at the school I am an ALT at. It's always a sad time for me. Because of contractual reasons, I cannot continue at the same school next year. Even if I could, the job would not start till the fall. I only get six months at each school, and by the time I get use to the teaching styles and learn the students' names, I have to leave. Today we had our big school cleaning. After that the principal, vice-principal, home ec. teacher, English teacher, special ed teacher, and myself joined the single special ed student for lunch. The one student that makes up the class has been really fun to teach. He introduced me to Jarinko Chie--an absolutely hysterical anime about a family living in downtown Osaka in the 70's--which I'm getting into despite it being very hard to understand the thick Kansai dialect. As a goodbye party he made okonomiyaki for us. The principal and myself had our portraits drawn in mayonnaise and aonori.

I'm really going to miss this school, the wonderful students, and the teachers. Thanks to them all for a great six months.


Helen Bushnell said...

It is too bad that you can't continue there longer.

angryparsnip said...

so sweet, love all the effort he put into his lunch.
I know it will be hard to leave.
The show sounds fun, I have been catching up with Detective Conan and I think I love the crazy Dad, he is just so wrong on all levels... makes me laugh which is a good thing...