Thursday, December 24, 2009

Okayama - Tsuyama - Himeji Pt. 1


Way back in August I took a round trip to Okayama, going up to Tsuyama, and coming back down to Himeji and back home. It was an entire day full of trains. I've posted some of pictures from the trip already here and here, but we'll get into the real meat of the trip now. First of some scenes from the fringe of the urban center of Okayama at the end of their great streetcar line, to be talked about later. I loved this shoe shop in the photo above. It looked lost in time. Below are some smokestacks from a small factory also near the shop. The sidewalk out here had crumbling concrete and broken tiles. Old shopping streets that looked unchanged since the day they were first built. A great old neighborhood that I wish I spent more time walking around in.



Karumen said...

i like the shoe shop picture :)
reminds me of my stay in okayama!

David said...

Very cool. I'm glad you liked it!